why kander

Often, clinicians prescribe a therapy and only receive feedback if a patient sees an adverse event or if it simply doesn’t work. Positive feedback may not be received until months later during a patient's follow up. Brands need a way to level the playing field and make clinicians aware of the positive impact of their therapies.

The Kander Patient Feedback System is a proven approach to break this cycle by providing a vehicle for expedited feedback from patients at scale, allowing brands to accelerate a growth trajectory.



Kander lets patients take one or multiple surveys regarding their experience with a therapy or related service. Patients can be recruited via multiple channels including patient savings, in-practice collateral, or hub services.

Each survey delivers a report of the patient's responses to that patient’s HCP, providing more real-world, real-patient experience that allows HCPs to prescribe a therapy with confidence.

Initial RxInitial Rx
Patient SurveyPatient Survey
HCP detailing Report sent to HCP detailing individual patient experience
HCP rapid Rapid results delivered to HCP so they can confidently prescribe to similar patients

who can Benefit

Nearly any pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device brand can benefit from a Kander Patient Feedback Program:

  • Launch brands can accelerate HCP uptake by expediting patient feedback in the initial post-launch months
  • Brands can confirm the value of educational, patient support, or hub services
  • “Re-launching” brands can provide a new narrative for field sales and HCPs
  • New indications can be spotlighted with real-world experience
  • 505 (b) (2) drugs lacking trial information can show their efficacy, tolerability, and ease of use with an HCP’s own patients

getting started

Kander Patient Feedback Programs are straightforward to develop and launch. We’d be happy to develop and review a custom program tailored to the need of your brand. To learn more, contact us at