case study:

branding clinical trials


Developed nomenclature and branding system for a rare disease clinical trial program evaluating gene therapy, to be used in materials for HCPs and across patient recruitment and educational/ support items.

Plan of Action

  • Assess X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa (XLRP) trial environment
  • Develop relationships with key patient advocacy groups
  • Create nomenclature for clinical trial program
  • Develop branding system and style for both HCPs and patients
  • Refine system based on advocacy feedback
  • Launch program (SCENIC) and identify, design, and produce materials for recruitment and education (SKYLINE trial)


  • Trial program naming and branding system established
  • Program collateral executed for first trial (SKYLINE)
  • Materials launched to positive feedback from patients, clinical trialists, and internal corporate audiences
  • Set standard for subsequent trial (VISTA)

Trial Program Name Overview

Logos and Brand Style Development

Patient and HCP Collateral