BW Health Group Introduces Kander™ Patient Feedback System

BW Health Group, a multi-award-winning full-service healthcare agency, has launched the Kander™ Patient Feedback System, a comprehensive solution to drive HCP confidence in therapies by providing a systematic vehicle for patient communication about their experience. This is of paramount importance when patients drive HCP prescribing decisions and HCPs write with the awareness that satisfaction with a practice is often driven by the therapeutic solutions prescribed.1,2

Typically, a patient will only provide initial feedback on a therapy if they have either a lack of efficacy or an adverse event. Otherwise, the patient may discuss their experience in a subsequent office visit. Unfortunately, follow-up visits are becoming both less frequent and shorter in duration,3 with this trend being exacerbated by both the pandemic and the proliferation of telehealth. These dynamics can significantly slow prescription volume as HCPs take time to observe patient experiences before expanding use of a therapy.

The Kander Patient Feedback System surveys patients on any aspect of their experience with a therapy or brand and delivers reports of their individual responses to their HCP. Experience can include almost any aspect of a therapy, from overall satisfaction to administration device or dosage form. These responses are presented in an easy-to-scan form and are delivered quickly, allowing HCPs to see their patients’ experiences with a brand and expand their use of the therapy to other patients.

Kander is a secure, turnkey solution designed with full regulatory compliance in mind. It integrates with multiple channels for patient enrollment and engagement, including patient savings programs, CRMs, and compliance programs. Reporting is provided to HCPs via multiple channels; comprehensive support to leverage the program via a field sales force is also available. Full reporting and tracking provides the ability to monitor program performance including return on promotional investment and the aggregate data from a program may be useful for future promotion and scientific publication.

Based on past experience with similar programs, BW Health Group looks forward to significant uptake by a broad range of brands and therapies looking to expand prescribing by communicating patient experience to HCPs, including those in the dermatology, respiratory, pain, ADHD, and rare disease therapeutic areas.

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