Leading From the Front

An interview with Thad Bench, BW Health Group founder and CEO

Since founding Benchworks nearly 30 years ago, Thad Bench has been a driving force behind its evolution and emergence into a family of companies, recognized for the past 5 years by Inc. as one of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

We sat down with Thad recently to ask him to share his experience and insights on what leadership and being a leader means to him.

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Non-personal promotion is anything but impersonal

All contact is personal, regardless of the medium. Right now, we are having personal contact: You, the reader; me, the writer; Benchworks, the agency on whose page this blog sits. We are interacting – you are reacting. Where this interaction differs from the ones you have with healthcare professionals is personalization. Consider that in the

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Congratulations to the first graduate of our Emerging Leaders Club

Some people are born leaders. We all know at least one. For the rest of us, leadership is learned behavior. But first you have to want it. And then you need opportunities to learn and develop it. Because leadership is a choice—we can all lead in some way. In the workplace, it’s crucial to foster

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Think beyond your boss: making a good first impression

When starting a new job, we all know the importance of making a good first impression. But what’s the optimal window of time to do so before the opportunity is lost? In other words, how quickly does a boss and/or leadership make up their mind about a new employee? Unfortunately, there’s very little information out

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Part Three – Cultivating a Relationship With Patient Organizations

Patient organizations lie at the heart of the rare disease market segment. These groups are usually founded by a person with the disease, or a family member of someone with the disease, to support patients and their families. Member support is a key component of their mission. During my career, I have had the pleasure

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Part Two – Understanding Patient Needs Within Rare Disease

The majority of us work in the pharmaceutical industry to help patients get the most out of their therapies. In my experience, this motivation is critical for working within the rare disease space—a therapeutic area in which patients have often had to deal with their disease for many years without the support of approved therapies.

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